Alternative Health

I came across a tweet the other day (not from anyone I follow) that said they weren’t sure they wanted to be friends with someone after that person told them to take turmeric to cure depression and that big pharma was evil.

That was the day that I read an article stating that depression may be caused by inflammation. Turmeric helps inflammation so turmeric may help depression. I ordered some that day. I have lots of inflammation and joint pain anyway so I figured why not? It’s only been a couple days but I do seem to be in a little less pain.

I have tried the antidepressant route. I’m still on some. I’ve taken almost every kind. They help sometimes get me out of the severe depression, but I have a constant low-grade depression that nothing gets rid of.

Not to mention lack of energy and chronic pain.

I’ve seen countless doctors and had countless tests. I’ve had several diagnoses, but they were mostly ones that can’t be proven/treated/cured (fibromyalgia anyone?). I believe they exist, of course but a diagnosis of that doesn’t help with much other than showing other people you’re not just crazy.

I’ve taken many supplements over the years. Herbs, vitamins, whatever I read that could possibly help. Some have helped, I think, or at least kept things from getting worse, but the only pills (otc or prescription) that I know have a benefit for me are antihistamines and Singulair. I can’t not take those.

So I guess my point is that yes, drugs can help sometimes. They can cure some things, like bacterial infections. But sometimes, they only help a little or not at all. And then what? After you’re tried all the different types of that drug what do you do? Just live with it? Or do you turn to alternative medicine to help?

I felt the best eating Paleo. And I’d like to go back to that. But it’s expensive and it takes energy to prepare and cook your own food. I need a personal chef.