Something Funny

Posted elsewhere on 9/17/2013

At 5:30 I took what I thought was a Xanax (0.25mg). Turns out it was a 10mg Ambien. I realized this after writing an email to my husband about how to we need to plan a weekend trip in a few weeks for our anniversary (this is something we never really talked about or can afford and is typical of something I do on Ambien). And then the stationary blue waves in the background of gmail started moving. My panic was gone and I was suddenly STARVING and just ate a pumpkin english muffin, when bread has been making me gag for over a week if I tried to eat it. I feel great except for the clumsiness and slight disordientedness! Ambien itself doesn’t make me tired and it’s about 4 hours till bedtime. Oops.