It’s June Already?

I haven’t updated this site in forever. I’ve had things I wanted to post about, but never did.

I’ve recovered from my post-partum depression/anxiety. Now I’m left with my normal depression.

Gabe is now almost 10 months old. He’s fast becoming a little boy rather than a baby. He has so much energy he never stops moving. He started walking early, at 9 months. He’s been impatient to stand and walk all along and he’s very happy to toddle all around now.

I wanted to post about my new camera. I finally got a DSLR. And several additional lenses and accessories…and I haven’t used the thing in several months. It takes wonderful pictures, even though it’s an entry level DSLR that was on clearance (it’s a Nikon).

I also bought two ukuleles (a soprano and a concert) and haven’t played either in a few months. I was all into ukuleles. I’m bad at playing and have a hard time learning chords (I know how bass guitar, not regular).

Around the end of February I started having terrible pain in my right foot. Like can’t even touch it pain much less walk on it. It turns out I had a stress fracture and tendonitis from walking odd with it. The tendonitis has stuck around for awhile, but a couple weeks ago something in my foot shifted and now it hurts much less. Not sure what the podiatrist will say about that when I see him in two weeks.

So my foot consumed my life for several months. I was unable to walk much and when I did walk it hurt like hell. I also lost interest in my hobbies and haven’t done much of anything this spring. I did put a new layout up here a couple months ago. This site hadn’t seen a redesign in several years.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Gabe was born. On the other hard, it feels like it was a lifetime ago.