38 Weeks

I am now exactly two weeks from my due date. Everything is bought and set up and ready for baby. Except me, mentally. I’m very ready to no longer be pregnant, but not for childbirth or taking care of a baby. I spend my time trying not to think about it.

I’ve gained 20 lbs, which is 5 lbs under the amount they told me I should expect to gain. So that’s good.

I hate not knowing when I’ll go into labor. I like to plan everything and I can’t plan that. The normal range is two weeks before up to two weeks after your due date. I’m now in that range.

Last week at my appointment my blood pressure was high. I had to go back two days later for another check. It was a little lower, but still not normal so I have to watch it and call if it goes over a certain number. I guess if it gets too high they’d have to induce me, which I really don’t want.