34 Weeks

At 34 weeks, I’ve gained about 12 pounds. 4 lbs were in the last month (a pound a week is normal for the third trimester). I haven’t had much of an increase in appetite until this month. Now I want to eat all the things. Preferably sweet things. I normally don’t eat a whole lot of sweet things. I would often rather eat bacon than a cookie. Now I have to have something sweet every day. The old wives tale about those having boys craving salty things is not true in my case. I told Joe this is definitely his baby because Joe loves sweets.

Walking and sitting on most chairs are painful. Baby kicking my hips is painful. Baby headbutting my cervix is painful. Laying on my side without a pillow between my legs is painful. Sleep is difficult, but the doctor approved Ambien several times a week. I also take Zantac twice a day (horrible heartburn otherwise), Singulair, Flonase, Zyrtec, krill oil, and some vitamins. And melatonin on nights I don’t take Ambien. All doctor approved of course. I’m not one of those women who won’t take any sort of medication while pregnant (or who doesn’t drink caffeine). It is more unhealthy for the baby for me to not breathe or sleep than it is for me to take these.

I’ve been exhausted lately again. I never had that increased energy you’re supposed to get in the second trimester, but now I’m sleepy all day (but not at night). We’ve had our hospital tour, infant cpr, and baby care classes. I still feel very nervous about the baby arriving, but I’m looking forward to no longer being pregnant.

They’re going to be doing road work on the road outside our development for the next few months. There’s only one way out of the development, on that road. This does not make me happy. They say they’re going to maintain access to the developments during it, but from my experience last year with the work outside of the place I worked at, it’s the public that’s the problem, not the road crew. They block business entrances, private driveways, whatever when they’re stopped for one-lane restrictions. And then you get people leaving places who need to turn left and some who need to turn right, but with one-lane traffic, exits can get really backed up. I just have to hope I go into labor on a weekend or during the evening/night. I still have weekly prenatal appointments during the day that I need to deal with the construction for, unfortunately.