28 Weeks

I’m now in my 28th week of pregnancy. Yesterday I had my 2-hour glucose tolerance test (hope I passed) and I have to go get my Rhogam shot soon. It’s a pain because I have to go to the hospital, have blood work done, and then wait 1-1.5 hours till the shot is ready. Can’t leave.


Our son’s name is now official (unless by some chance he comes out a girl). His name will be Gabriel Michael. A girl would be Melanie Rose.

He moves around a lot and can have some pretty strong kicks sometimes. I’ve gained about 8 lbs so far. It’s all baby and breasts. My hips have gotten thinner. I’ve gone from a B to D cup size. My body has been starting to hurt more while up walking around. I have much appreciation for those women who are pregnant and work jobs where they have to stand all day. And am very grateful that I work from home.

We have a birth center tour at the hospital, an infant CPR class, baby care classes and breastfeeding classes coming up. I’m not taking any childbirth classes. I have a couple pregnancy/childbirth books and they seem to cover the topic pretty well. I think I’ll probably end up getting an epidural if I feel the pain is too much to handle.