Ultrasound Pics

I’ve had a week to adjust to the idea of a boy and I’ve mostly adjusted. I read some gender dissapointment articles. Even if it was a girl, there is a very small chance that my relationship with her or dreams for her would turn out to be reality. She may hate dresses and hairbows and be totally into sports. Or want to never get married or have kids (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just no wedding to help her plan). And while the girl clothes for babies are adorable, older girl clothes seem to want to transform them into little street hookers.

Here are the photos from my ultrasounds.

Tne first four are from early in the pregnancy when he was just a jellybean. The last four are from the anatomy scan. The first one of those is freaky because he was looking at the ultrasound probe and it just looks weird.