It’s a Boy

I had my 20-week anatomy scan yesterday. Halfway through the pregnancy! The baby looked as it should and had all it’s parts, including his boy parts.

I had originally felt I might be having a girl but have felt it’s a boy for awhile. We have a name we agree on, although I’m not saying it now since it could change in the next few months.

I do feel sad it won’t be a girl. I had wanted a girl for my first. I guess mostly because I plan on two kids and I really want one to be a girl so having it first would take the pressure off. I feel much more anxious that the next (last) one won’t be a girl and I won’t have one.

I’ve been feeling him move pretty often for a week. It’s kinda strange. He’s now the size of a banana.

I’ve only gained about 4 lbs so far. I haven’t had an increase in appetite yet. In fact, it’s been a decrease.

We registered for baby things last night. It was a little hard seeing all the little girl stuff. One of the good things about a boy though is that all the dinosaur and ocean life themed things are on boy clothes. I picked out dinosaur bedding and dinosaur bibs and a dinosaur mobile. We also bought a dark blue footie suit thing with little red crabs on it and a blue and white striped one with a whale on it. I had planned on going with a more gender neutral for most items (and we did for the big items) but most of the gender neutral things have an insect theme, which I am totally not into. Anyway, girls can like dinosaurs and fishes too. I know I do.