Second Trimester

I’m now 16 weeks pregnant and several weeks into my second trimester. The anatomy scan is scheduled for April 17 and we will (hopefully!) find out the gender then. I think that knowing the gender and seeing the ultrasound where the baby looks more like a human and not a jelly bean will make the pregnancy more real. Also, I should start feeling the baby move soon as well. Right now pregnancy to me is big boobs and feeling miserable and not a lot to show for it yet. I still fit into my regular pants (which were a bit big anyway because I can’t stand remotely tight clothes). The baby now is about 5 inches long and the size of a turnip (not sure I’ve ever actually seen a turnip).

I used to be jealous of pregnant women. Not because they got a baby at the end of it, but because I thought being pregnant would be wonderful and magical. I knew, of course, about morning sickness and being extremely miserable near your due date due to your size and swelling and all that. I didn’t know babies would suck all your energy and intelligence away.

Fortunately, I have only thrown up once and that was after eating too many leftover Chili quesadillas for breakfast around my 13th week. I can no longer eat as much as I used to (or I feel like throwing up) and I feel hungry less often. So far I’ve only gained about 2 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Pretty normal. My boobs no longer hurt, which is good, but they went up in size. I had always thought I wanted bigger boobs and now that I have them, I don’t. And I only went from a B to a C cup.

I spent most of my first trimester feeling like a slug. I didn’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch tv. I had (have) trouble concentrating on my work and doing anything that involves a lot of thought. The nausea is mostly gone but I’m still waiting for that energy increase that is supposed to happen.

I’m having trouble sleeping and pain in my upper right arm (sleep position related) and pain in my knees and sometimes hips. It’s uncomfortable sitting as I used to in a computer chair sometimes due to my new uterus position and expansion. My asthma is getting worse so I think I’m going to have to go back on the inhaler (was just taking Singulair). My nose is constantly congested (another pregnancy thing that I didn’t know about before hand). My sense of smell is still increased but I’ve mostly gotten used to that.

So yeah, being pregnant is not as fun as I expected.