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Recently, Facebook has twice suggested a sponsored post to me about a class action suit for birth defects from women who took Zoloft when pregnant. I mistakenly read the comments on there and they really pissed me off. Some people seem to feel that if you require any sort of daily medication, no matter for you, you shouldn’t even get pregnant. Or if you do get pregnant, you should immediately stop any sort of medication and not take anything at all while pregnant, despite your doctor’s okay that it’s okay to take that medication. Yes, that will be very helpful for my baby when I can’t breathe due to my asthma.

And then there were the people who said that if you have depression, you shouldn’t even have kids. Really? How about if you’re judgmental idiots, you shouldn’t have kids? What gives you the right to say who should or shouldn’t have kids?

And there were all public comments on Facebook, where anyone can see them and which were most often associated with their real name.

And then there’s the women on the due date club forums that I lurk on. Not only is there so much drama and cattiness and bitchiness, there is rampant stupidity.

People ask the same questions over and over that a Google search would be more appropriate for (or asking their doctor). Like, “can I take Tylenol”. Yes, you can. It’s the only class A drug in pregnancy. Look it up yourself. Now, I can understand questions asking for opinions or options, such as “what drug did you take for high blood pressure while pregnant”. That’s a reasonable question. And then there are questions that are just totally ridiculous like “can I eat doughnuts while pregnant” or some other food that there’s really no question is safe. Unless of course you eat like a dozen donuts yourself every day. I wouldn’t advise that.

Then there are the women there who are like “I’m not eating anything bad, taking any medication, or having even a drop of caffeine while pregnant because I love my baby and want the best for it”. Yes, way to make the rest of us who aren’t quite so fortunate to not need medication feel great. Or who enjoy still having a cup of black tea that doctors agree is completely safe to have. Or who don’t have the energy to cook healthy food all the time.

I will love my child and want the best for them, but I am still a person too and will not now or later have my whole life focused on my offspring. I will still have my own interests and own hobbies and be my own person. I will never have a username that is “mommyoftwo” or some other thing that shows my whole identity is based upon my kids. My own life is not ending just because I’m having a baby. And if my Singulair and Zyrtec allow me to breathe without tons of mucus and wheezing, then dammit I’m going to take them.

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