Jake’s Surgery

Last Friday, Jake, our youngest cat (about 3 years) had to have surgery on his back due to an abscess. Our other cat Draco had jumped on him and bit him a couple weeks ago and it turned into an abscess. He now has a 4-inch long row of stitches on his back and a cone around his head. He acts like nothing happened though. Friday it was like he didn’t even have surgery. He was walking around the room we have him in (he’s not supposed to jump or run for 10 days), wanting petting and making small jumps on top of storage containers. He had three days worth of pain pills to take and they were flavored. We were able to just put them on the floor and he ate them himself. We also have to give him liquid antibiotics which isn’t quite as easy. He goes back to the vet on the 14th to have his stitches removed and then the cone can come off as well.

On the 14th we’re also taking Luna along to get her vaccinations up to date. We’re taking her back at the end of the month to get her fur mats removed and her vaccinations had to be be up to date. She has some really bad mats, especially on her stomach and she hates to be held so we weren’t successful at removing them ourselves. She’ll probably have to end up with a lion’s cut. We’re going to have to try to keep up with brushing her after that so it doesn’t get that bad again. She enjoyed being brushed usually.

I’m very tired of going to the vet. It’s also been very hard on us financially and it’s wiped out all the money I had set aside to pay my taxes with. All the tests and things on Spencer were very expensive and the surgery on Jake wasn’t cheap either.