On Kids

Someone on Twitter today linked to this article about why she’s not having kids. I really liked this one part:

I think children should be brought into this world because they’re wanted, not because kids are “the next logical” step in a marriage, not because someone has been ignorant in regards to the plethora of birth control options out there, and not because a relationship is irrevocably screwed up and it’s the last chance for normalcy.

I think that’s great. Off and on I wasn’t sure I wanted kids, especially when my health was really bad. And the rest of the time, I wanted kids “someday” but it was never that day until recently. My family never asked. I have two sets of aunts and uncles and one of them doesn’t have kids. I’ve wondered sometimes why but I would never ask them. It’s just too personal. So it’s not exactly an odd thing in my family not to have kids but it is in my husband’s family and one of them asked us once. I was a little offended. And at the time I was at my heaviest weight and sickest. It’s like, really, do you think I should have a kid like this?

I completely understand people not wanting kids. Especially since in general I don’t even like babies or toddlers. Kids are such a huge responsibility though and I don’t get how so many people can take something like that so lightly. One of my friends wanted to have a baby in high school and I thought she was completely nuts. She managed to wait until a couple of years after graduation at least. Now she has three with three different fathers.

So finally, at 32, I finally felt that I truly wanted a child. I had been envious of other people being pregnant for the past few years, but it still didn’t feel like the right time earlier. Now it is.