First Prenatal Appointment

Last Thursday I had my first prenatal appointment and yesterday I had my first official ultrasound (they did an unofficial one at the prenatal appointment).

Everything looked good. I’m measuring exactly where I should be and the baby’s heartbeat was 189 and the baby was exactly one inch long.

I’ve been feeling pretty not great the past few weeks. Nauseated, exhausted, sinus problems. No throwing up at least but it’s really rare for me to do that anyway. Only times I have really have where when I had a kidney infection or too much alcohol. Anyway, the nausea is only bad if I don’t eat regularly. And not small snacks either, it has to be a substantial amount of food. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been very healthy food since I totally don’t feel like cooking.

I’m really anxious to get to the second trimester and start feeling better. Right now I’m 9 weeks and 2 days so that won’t be for awhile yet. I’m also very anxious to get to 20 weeks and find out the gender of the baby.