End of 2012

At the beginning of the year, I wrote that:

I want this year to be a lot better. I want to be healthier and I want to be happier.

I will be healthier and happier.

And for the most part, that happened. 2012 was a good year for me. For the first 5 months, I ate healthier (mostly paleo) and went off most of my medications because I didn’t need them anymore. I lost about 25 lbs (although I gained about 10 back this fall…). I did do some exercise in the winter/spring, but it seems like every summer I fall off my diet/exercise plan. And along with falling off my healthy eating, my health went downhill some. I don’t get why I can’t eat healthy all the time. I know eat bad = feel bad for me, and yet I still do it.

Career-wise it was a good year, especially in the second half. I created a WordPress plugin that I put up for sale on Code Canyon in the summer. I released a new, small, free plugin on wordpress.org in the summer as well, making it my second plugin there. I also released a few new versions of my other plugin throughout the year and started work on a pro version that I plan to sell. I did some freelance work throughout the year, mainly small stuff that just fell into my lap. All sub-contracting work, I don’t want to work directly with clients really. The biggest thing career wise was leaving my job I had been at for 7 years and start working for a new company as an independent contractor, which means I work from home. It was a hard change for me, which I didn’t expect. The new company, who I love working for, is much more “professional” in it’s development practice, using version control (as you should) and actually caring about the quality of the code they produce. Not coding like it was still 1999. That was all a good change, but it was still a change. Also no hour long phone calls telling me that the color of a link needed to be changed, which was great. The hard change was working from home. I’ve worked from home before sometimes, only for a day here and there. It wasn’t really the “at home” part that was hard, it was the you don’t just clock in, put in your time, and clock out. Working at my old job, I’d work 5-6 hours a day since I was part-time. So out of say 5 hours, I’d do maybe 2-3 hours of actual coding/design. There was a ton of email to go through, tickets to read, hour long phone calls that really only needed to be 2 minutes, estimates to provide for quotes, and so on. Now, I just check out basecamp to see what’s on my to-do list and work on it. And then do actual coding for 5 hours, or however long. My brain was tired for awhile at first. It wasn’t used to working so hard.

I had wanted to clean the house more this year. That didn’t happen. I’m just not into cleaning. Not spending so much and budgeting better didn’t really happen either.

I wrote my second novel this year. And re-read my first and realized it wasn’t as awful as I thought. I spent a little bit of time working on my own websites but not much. I was more into coding plugins. I did not keep up with journal writing like I had wanted. I did keep track of what I ate and how I felt up through August. By then, I was kind of eating bad and feeling bad after again but continuing to do it anyway so I didn’t see a point in keeping that up.

And so, on to what I want for 2013.

Obviously, the first thing is for a healthy and happy baby to be born around September 2. Most everything is going to revolve around that. Cleaning and preparing the house, saving money, buying baby stuff, eating healthy and doing appropriate levels of exercise. I do hope to write more journal entries, both on paper and online about all that and about everything else in life.

Hobbie-wise, I hope to edit my books and get one prepared enough to use my NaNoWriMo free 5 paperback copies though a book printing company by June. I have books on writing I want to read and books on black/blood magic to read for research for editing my first novel. Really hoping my reading material does not influence the baby negatively… And I do hope to do some more on my personal web sites and create new layouts for some.

Career-wise, I hope to do good and interesting work for the company I work for. I hope to create more WordPress plugins to sell and some to release for free. Possibly venture into selling WordPress themes if I feel like designing. I do plan to work after the baby arrives, although I guess I’ll need something of a maternity leave probably. Not too long, because we really do need my income. I’m very fortunate in that I work from home now so that will make it easier.

Happy 2013 everyone!