NaNoWriMo is going pretty well for me this time. I’m at 17388 words. Last time I did this, in 2010, around this time, I was 5000 words behind. This time, I’m ahead with an expected finish date of Nov. 25th. Last time I finished on Nov. 28th.

Last time I skipped a few days and so far this time, I’ve written every day. Lots of people have said that the first week is much better than the second for them, but for me it’s reversed. The first week I’ve really had to force myself to write and so far this week, I’ve found myself actually wanting to write. But, I’ve found out today that was I suspected was true. I tried to write this morning and only got about 100 words before I hit a blank wall. So, it turns out that I just can’t write about vampires during daylight hours.

I love it when things that I didn’t plan on happen. For instance, my main character, Nola, answered her door and I was planning on it being Dan, but instead it was her sister. And another time, she was grabbed and pulled into a dark alley and it was going to be a robber but instead it was her maker. And Dan was supposed to be a brooding, Angel type vampire but instead he’s a friendly jock. And her maker was not really supposed to be a part of the story but now there’s going to be a love triangle between Dan and her maker, Julien.

I developed a system last time I did NaNo that worked well for me so I’m doing it again this time. I use Q10, which is a distraction free writing program that you can show a word count at the bottom. I write on my netbook and I open a new text file for every day I write (named 1.txt, 2.txt, so on for the date). That way, I’m not tempted to edit what I’ve written before and start with a clean slate every day. I save them in a Dropbox folder so I don’t have to worry about losing them.

Last time I did NaNo, I got a discount for Scrivener, so I had purchased that before and plan to do my editing of my books in that. I’ve been rereading Twilight as well to remind myself that no matter how bad my writing is or how flat my characters are, if I get a good storyline, I too could possibly end up a published author.