Don’t Buy a Nook

Last June I bought a Nook Color. I don’t really have any complaints about the device itself, except that the web browser is super annoying. If I want to visit a web page, I put down my Nook and pick up my iPhone.

In April my charger died. It didn’t light up anymore and my Nook didn’t charge. It’s a different voltage than normal USB charger, so if you want to be able to charge at a normal speed instead of very slowly, you need another Nook charger.

I thought, no problem, my Nook was still under warranty. First we tried the store, but they won’t replace it. You had to call customer support and have them mail a new charger. I’d read on the Nook forums that some stores will replace them for you, I guess it was just my luck that my local one won’t.

Support said they’d mail out a new one in 3-5 days, but they were backordered so it might be longer. Kinda frustrating, I mean, the store had them in stock, but I couldn’t get it that way.

Three weeks later, no charger. I contacted them again and they said the order was cancelled since there was none in stock and that they’d send one as soon as one was available.

I gave up and went and bought one, with my 20% off coupon. I read on the forums that even as of this week, they’re still out of stock. Yet, they have them for sale in stores and on their website.

The chargers are very poorly designed and of very cheap quality. Mine was breaking apart, even though I had always taken very good care of it. I guess that so many people are needing them replaced that they can’t keep them in stock.

But two months and counting for a replacement part that you can’t use the Nook without? That’s just unacceptable.