I started keeping track of what I eat at sparkpeople again ( if anyone is interested in seeing what I eat each day.

I’ve been trying a lot of new things. Jicama, coconut products, spinach, cauliflower, pressure cooking, toasted seaweed, poaching eggs.

I’ve cooked something just about every day so far this year. Very unusual. My days used to consist of things like poptarts, pasta tv dinners, cokes, pretzels, sugary-wheaty things, and fast food. We didn’t cook much for most of last year.

Now I am wheat free, legume free and (mostly) dairy free. We went out to Chili’s last weekend and we shared an appetizer of the half size order of Texas cheese fries. I felt miserable the next day. All stuffed up and tired. The past two nights we ate at Red Robin. I had the bun-less gourmet cheeseburger and fries both times. It didn’t seem to make me feel bad (so far).

I’m off my blood pressure medication. I’m off the Wellbutrin. I’m off Flovent. I no longer needed them. This is amazing, since my blood pressure was previously dangerously high without medication. Now it’s
normal. Last night I stopped taking Zanaflex, my muscle relaxer.

I’m still on: birth control pills, Flonase, Zyrtec, Singulair, and Prozac. I hope to no longer take any of these by spring. I have about a week or two’s worth left of the Prozac and Singulair.

I’m still working on the “sugar free”. I’ve cut way down on my sugar intake. I’ve been replacing the sugar in my tea with stevia most of the time. Thursday and today I had a coke and I had some marshmallows yesterday.

I started using Wii Fit again two days ago. In January I started getting my diet under control. In February I want to get into an exercise routine.

I lost about 10 lbs in January and feel a million times better. I no longer spend my evenings after work laying on the couch, too tired to even focus on a TV show. I’ve spent my evenings actually being productive.

In additionally to feeling better physically, I also feel better mentally. I usually suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Not anymore.

While I’m very happy I feel better (and note that I still don’t feel 100%), I also feel pissed off sometimes. How much money have I wasted the past 7 or so years on doctors, tests, medications? How much money have I lost not being able to work full-time? But more importantly, that’s 7 years of my LIFE that I’ve missed. I can’t get that back.

  • you and the doc Forks over Knives are inspiring me to change my diet. My current eating habits are as you described – lots of fast & processed foods. I am tired of being so tired. I wonder how cutting out wheat and such would affect me. it is definitely worth a try. do you still eat rice?

    • DEFINITELY worth a try. I had McDs two cheeseburger meal last Monday and there a large difference in how I felt and my productivity for the next three days.

      I don’t eat rice still, but I’ve never really been a rice eater. I’ve read a lot of things lately about paleo eating and rice is something that isn’t too bad to eat if you have a low budget or your body seems to need starches.

      I’m going to be trying the Whole30 plan in March. You might want to look into that…it’s only 30 days and you’ll find out if your diet really has been hurting you.

      • Thanks for the reply! I may do the plan in March, too. I am only hesitant to completely give up alcohol. Sweets will be tough, too. However, I am tired of the exhaustion and especially the brain fog.

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