A Few Days into 2012

I’ve been pretty good about things these first few days (well…not the exercising).

I’ve lost 4 lbs since a week ago. I’m not trying to limit calories or anything, it’s just happening. I’ve been avoiding eating bread items. I think that’s made a big difference. I’m still eating things I don’t want to be eating, to use them rather than throwing them out. Well, I shouldn’t say don’t want to eat because I do really want to eat the marshmallows. And the chocolate soy milk. But things like that I’m not going to buying again once they’re gone.

I’ve written two paper journal entries and here I am writing an online one. So far this week I’ve cleaned off the kitchen table, washed the table cloth, and unloaded and loaded the dishwasher. We also went through and threw out expired food items.

I’m going to try to follow this 2012 decluttering calendar. Today is throw out old spices day.