I’m still around

I don’t post or comment or tweet much, and I hardly ever use facebook (ugh). But I do still read everything that everyone posts various places (except facebook). I still like knowing what is going on in other people’s lives.

What’s been going on in mine? Well, there was the ear issue back in March, and I’ve been having bad pain in my right foot on and off since summer. I do still have ringing in my ears but it’s mostly ignorable and I just avoid complete silence. I’ve also had more than a few cavities filled. The dentist thinks it’s from medications causing dry mouth. I now use Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash.

This past year I completed three O’Reilly courses through a grant at work. PHP 2 and 3 and JavaScript 2. Then this past summer I was kept busy rebuilding my WordPress to-do list plugin (still working on that). I’ve also completed some puzzles this year. My hobbies this year seems to be WordPress-related coding, puzzles, and reading. I haven’t cross-stitched that much or done anything art related (except buy a new Intuous tablet because one of the cat knocked over my water bottle on it). I’ve been reading coding related books this year (I bought a Nook Color to read all the ebooks I’ve acquired and never read), but I’ve discovered it’s worthless to even read them if I don’t take notes since I remember nothing after reading them. I like taking notes so it’s okay.

Every four years or so I seem to buy a new digital camera. I don’t plan to buy them on that interval, it just happens. I never used my previous camera much. I just never clicked with it despite how cute and pink it was. Maybe because it was a Sony instead of a Canon. So this time, I went back to Canon. I did not get an Elph like my first two Canons. I got the PowerShot SX230 HS. The color is listed as red even though it’s clearly pink. It just arrived today (it’s a birthday/Christmas present) and I’m waiting for the battery to charge so I can start taking pictures.

One of my first pictures will be…
of our new cat!
Yes, a fifth cat. We weren’t planning on adopting any more, but he showed up in our yard and needed a home.

We thought at first he was someone’s pet that had gotten out. He was so friendly. So we walked around the neighborhood asking people. We learned that people had seen him hanging around our place for several weeks. We hadn’t seen him till the day we took him in. One neighbor said that another neighbor had tried keeping him, but he batted at her dog so she put him back outside. We were pretty sure by that point that he did not have any owners, but I made the sad, depressing rounds of the lost pet websites, craigslist, and classifieds to be sure. No one was looking for him.

We think he’s under a year old. He looks like a cinnamony-brown Spencer. He annoys the hell out of the other cats because he wants to play with them. They don’t want to play with him. We named him Jake.

And despite my last entry, I have not been writing journal entries.

  • I’m glad you’re still here and reading. :) I’m sorry to hear about the cavities, though. UGH. And yay for kitties!!!

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