The New Diary and The Journal

I finished reading the The New Diary yesterday. I bought it back in 1999 but never read it. It was published in 1978 but the only place you realize it in the lack of mention of computers. I did see that the updated edition does mention computers and the internet. The introduction is by Anais Nin and the author, who was friends with her, references her frequently. I had to go and order the 4-volume set of her first 4 diaries.
The book was so incredibly enlightening. I have not been currently keeping a diary, but reading this made me wish I had never stopped. I’m exciting to try out all the techniques she described.
A couple weeks ago I bought The Journal. I downloaded and tried the free trials of pretty much all the available journaling software. Maybe 15 of them. I narrowed it down to three and then after playing around with each decided this was the best one. One thing I thought was neat was that you could publish to a blog from within the software. I’m not going to keep my whole journal online, but I’m sure there will be things I’d like to share. You can have different notebooks. There’s calendar based and loose-leaf ones. You can pretty much use this software for anything. I also bought the memory grabber add-on.
After reading the new Diary, I began to reconsider not writing in a paper journal. But it’s really hard to write while laying down on the couch. My netbook is perfect for that however. And what with the wrist and thumb pain I often have, typing is less tiring. Even just writing a page of notes at work is painful. I still have several blank journals around, some empty, some with only a page or two written. If I do feel I need to write long-hand, I can do so. I can type it into the software or not. One advantage putting it into the software is being able to search it. I could also just take a photo of the page or scan it. Maybe transcribe it later or not.
I have been so out of touch with myself. I spent most of my day trying not to think of anything but superficial things. This is probably the cause of my lack of creativity and happiness. I need to get to know me again.