We are dropping our cable tv to basic

Comcast is just too expensive. We pay over $100 a month for it (standard package plus DVR). Satellite TV didn’t work due to all the trees around our house. FiOS is not in our area yet.

We’ve had Netflix for years. Joe has been using them over his computer for awhile now and I just started, using the Wii. We have the 1-disc at a time thing for $9 or so. I “discovered” Hulu Plus when I wanted to watch the episodes from this season. Regular Hulu only had the last few episodes. Looking around the Hulu Plus pages, I discovered the Roku (which I had known about several years ago and forgot about it).

Anyway, Hulu Plus is 7.99 a month. Basic cable (local channels) is $8 something a month. So that’s $16 a month compared to $110. Big savings. The price of the Roku was less than a month of cable.

The reason I wanted to get basic cable still was Survivor mainly. I could watch it on the CBS website, but not until the day after. I’m always afraid of hearing results of reality shows before I get to watch them, which has happened before. So I can watch it while it’s on. I won’t be able to fast forward through commercials…I’ll feel like I’m back at the beginning of the century. It’s amazing how we ever managed without DVRs…having to watch the show while it’s actually airing and having to watch all the commercials.

My laptop is HD and looks much better than our TV, so watching some of the shows online won’t be bad. I still really prefer to watch them on the TV though, which is why I like the Hulu Plus.

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