My Jaw

It’s interesting that I could go six months without realizing my jaw was dislocated. I didn’t realize it until it popped back into place week. How could I not know that? This really disturbs me.

Well, I did think something was off. Around six months ago I yawned and my jaw popped and shifted. I didn’t really think too much of it, although this was a very large pop and shift. My jaw is always moving around, with the TMJ and EDS. It did feel like the right side of my jaw was stuck occasionally. I tried wearing my mouthpiece that I used to wear to correct my bite for my TMJ. It’s a custom fitted mouthpiece for my top teeth and it matches up with indents on the bottom for my lower teeth. When I put it in, my bottom teeth were too far to the right and back. When I moved my jaw to put the teeth in the right place, my jaw muscles on the right felt really overstretched.

I had previously experienced my jaw moving a little with muscle pain but I would wear my mouthpiece over night and it would be mostly better in the morning. It didn’t on the several nights I tried it. Whenever I would put it in, I would think, “wow I can’t believe my jaw shifted so much from what the mouthpiece had corrected.”

Last week while yawning my jaw popped and shifted again. Back to where it belonged. My bite was now correct again. It felt strange, but it also felt like how it should. All was okay for a few days but one of the muscles on the left side has been very painful for the past few days. Don’t know if it’s related to what happened or not.

I am going to have to be very very careful when I yawn from now on.

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