September is Vampire Month for Me

As I mentioned earlier, I’m doing NanoWriMo the year. My novel is going to involve vampires. I just read the Twilight Saga this summer. Whatever I do write, my main character isn’t going to be an annoying no-personality blob.

During September I’m going to be doing vampire research. This will also eventually go on my website (not up yet). I own at least 4 vampire “non-fiction” books already. I have a show on vampires saved on the DVR (along with Bram Stoker’s Dracula). And I took The New Annotated Dracula out of the library today.

I’ve been “into” vampires since before it was trendy. I remember when I was in 11th grade, sitting in the lunch room reading a book on vampires I had bought (the only book on vampires the store had). The girls I was sitting with probably thought I was quite weird.

During October, I’ll be outlining my novel. I didn’t do this last time and it may be a part of why I gave up after a week. And possibly doing more vampire research on TV, as it is Halloween month.