Bad Cooking Day

I don’t do much cooking by myself anymore. Not anything complicated anyway. I’ll make baked macaroni and cheese, brown hamburger for tacos, stuff like that.

Today I decided to make sunnyside up eggs for breakfast (Joe works this weekend). I prefer over-easy, but I’m not going to attempt to flip an egg. First egg came out perfectly. Didn’t break the yolk putting the egg into the pan like I often do. Then, the second egg. I was trying to open it into the pan when I touched the side of the pan with my right middle finger. I pulled my hands back…and dropped the egg onto the floor. While Spencer was working on cleaning the egg up, I tried to do another egg. Didn’t burn myself, but broke the yolk.

Later on I decided to try and make Spinach Artichoke Dip. This is the first time I’ve made it. It involves chopping, something I’m not very good at. I did the best I could, although the garlic and onions were rather chunky. Next step was to put the spinach into a food processor. I’ve never used our food processor myself. I had Joe get it out for me last night, but I should have asked him how to use it. I could not get it to turn on. So I gave up and decided to try and chop up the spinach and artichoke myself. When trying to open the bag the artichoke hearts where in, I stabbed myself on my left middle finger. There was a good amount of blood.

I finally got it all cooked and managed to eat some of it without futher incidents. It was really good, even with the non-food processing and chunky garlic and onions. I ate it with baked tortilla scoops. If you like spinach-artichoke dip, I recommend this lower-calorie version.

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