Baby Cacti

I started some cacti from a kit around the beginning of May and put them into bigger pots today. Baby cacti look so cute!

Here they are on May 7th.

And here they are today, June 19th.

There is a strange intruder in my cacti. There was a weird seed. It was white and large, compared to the little black cacti seeds.

It sprouted much later than the cacti. This is what it has grown into so far:

  • oooh they look great! I tend to kill all plants :)

    • I usually kill plants too :) But I can’t seem to help buying new ones. I actually had really good luck with some hot pepper plants I grew from seeds last year (they produced lots of peppers and didn’t die till the end of the season!), so I’m doing cacti and mini tomatoes this year.

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