May Weightloss Update

I’m not losing as much weight this month as I should be. This is in part due to my three-day-Pendergast binge last week. The latest Pendergast novel (Fever Dream by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child) came out last Tuesday. I celebrated with Sheetz nachos on Tuesday, Wendy’s on Wednesday, and … I forget what I ate Thursday. But it wasn’t healthy. Luckily I finished the book on Thursday.

I did reach my April goal of 170 though. Unfortunately, I’ve been sitting at 169 so far this month, so I’m thinking I probably won’t make my May goal of 166.

I’m still trying to stick to my calorie range most days although I haven’t been very strict about tracking. I just add it up in my head unless I’m not sure of the calorie values. I’ve also been trying to use resistance bands to help with my weakness in my left leg. It’s working somewhat.

I bought a hula hoop this past weekend. It seems to be good exercise for me without causing me pain, which is good.

Once my parents open their pool, I’m going to try to go over there fairly often to swim and get some more exercise in.