Crystal Light Fitness

I was exciting to see Crystal Light Fitness at the grocery store last week. Every so often I check out the drink powders, hoping to see one that does not contain artifical sweetners. There finally is one! It comes in Strawberry Kiwi, Lemon-Lime, and Grape. I only got the Strawberry-Kiwi one. I had it for the first time today. It’s actually pretty good.

And it’s only 15 calories.

I don’t really like to drink plain water with my meals, which is why I like soda so much. It’s great to have another healthier alternative, besides iced teas.

There’s 7 packets in the box and you mix a packet with a bottle or 2 cups of water.

I think I’ll be buying more of this and trying the Lemon-Lime flavor. I don’t like Grape flavored things.