More on Weight Loss

Tonight I bought the book The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life. It’s from the site that I started using back in 2008 for weight loss, SparkPeople. I’ve been doing well on my weight loss plan, but I want to continue doing well. My goal is to be down to 120 lbs by the end of the year. I’m currently at 182 lbs, so there’s a way to go.

I also bought The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2010. This is a great little book and very…enlightening. For example, my usual burger at Red Robin has over 800 calories. And that doesn’t include the fries and the Coke.

I like SparkPeople because it makes tracking food fairly easy. It’s the only site I’ve tried for it, so I can’t really compare it to other sites. There’s lots of food items already in the system and if it doesn’t have it, 99% of the time another user has added it and you can use that. You get points for various things and trophies when you reach a certain amount of points. I orginally signed up for that site because I read an article online compariing several diet sites. The author mentioned that Spark People had a long form to fill out to join. I love filling out forms, so I chose that site. This was several years ago, so I have no idea if they still have a long form or not.

My username on there is seafae, if you use that site.

Today I ate 1,246 calories. My calorie range is 1200 – 1,550.

Breakfast: (264 calories)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Weight Control, Maple and Brown Sugar with milk
Black tea with 1 sugar cube and honey

Snack: (110 calories)
Campbell’s Select New England Clam Chowder (wasn’t a fan of this)

Lunch: (463 calories)
2 sunny-side up eggs
2 pieces white bread toasted with Benecol (need to stop eating bread again)
1 Boca breakfast link (not a fan of these either)
8 oz. Coke

Dinner: (410 calories)
6 piece McDonalds Chicken Nuggets (BIG fan of these)
Sweet and Sour Sauce
Small Coke

I usually try to only drink one soft drink a day. The McDonalds food was unplanned, otherwise I would have had water with my lunch.

Also, my eating schedule is a little odd. I don’t get up till 11ish, so breakfast is then. Then I have a snack at work after about 3 hours. Two hours later, I leave for home and eat lunch at home. Then several hours later I either eat dinner or a snack. I usually call my lunch, dinner, since it’s around dinner time.