End of March Diet Update

I’ve been doing great with my diet. I’ve tracked my food every day in March (and I’m sure I will tomorrow, the actual end of March).

I managed to meet my March goal of 175. My April goal is 170.

I got confused in a past post about my year end and final goal. My year end goal is 135 lb. My final goal is 120 lb, with a goal of April of next year.

Tracking my food (with SparkPeople) has shown me a lot about what I eat. They have charts for things like calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc.

You can see that I went over my calorie range one day. That was the day we went out to eat for my mom’s birthday. I ended up under my range on four days, accidentally. I don’t eat enough protein and I sometimes go over on my fat range. I am almost always over on my sodium range, which is something I really have to work on since I have high blood pressure. You can see by my cholesterol chart the days I ate real eggs and not Egg Beaters. And even with my OTC potassium supplement, I never get near enough the amount of potassium.

Now that I’ve gotten down getting calories in range, I suppose it’s time to start working on others. Namely fat, protein, and sodium. I need to start replacing my empty calories (aka soda) with nutritious ones. While I am eating in my calorie range, I’m still not eating healthy options. My breakfast was okay, it was oatmeal. Plus tea at work. Instead of my tomato soup I brought for lunch, I decided to eat Cheez-Its from the vending machine. That was a rare thing, I normally don’t have cash or change on me. And for dinner I had Taco Bell. Two crunchy taco supremes, cheesy fiesta potatoes, and a small Pepsi. I’m at 1290 calories for today. I have 260 calories left if I’m hungry before bed and apples and oranges in the fridge. I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with the way I eat oranges in the past couple years. I have to make sure almost every bit of extra white skin(?) is removed before eat it. And I find removing it extremely enjoyable. But I have to be watching TV while I do it.