Weight Loss

Since January I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I’ve probably lost about 15 pounds since October.

Rather than following any specific diet, I’ve been eating a lot less and making healthier food choices. Plus drinking a lot of water. I sometimes use SparkPeople to keep track of what I’ve been eating, but not always.

I suppose what’s made my resolve stick this time is the doctor telling me I was doing a good job, and to keep doing what I’ve been doing, rather than just saying as many tend to do “you should lose some weight”.

My calorie intake was way too high before. I was also eating larger amounts of food than I should have been. It’s been an adjustment…I’ve felt very hungry some days.

  • Love the weblog!If i could add just few words about my expertise, i used to be 280 pounds and i managed to take off 103 p. however in to short time period(three-four months!),i used to be using numerous tablets whereas coaching each day and ravenous, so you may guess the result- depressed,dehydrated,weak……however -hey slim! When i look again now i would not do it once more, trigger health and security ought to at all times come to first place when dropping weight.

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