Rough Weekend Here

Last weekend was pretty rough. On Thursday last week, Nobi started limping, like he had hurt one of his back legs. Then his eyes got all gunky and were almost completely closed.

And on Friday night, his head starting tilting. Head tilt is something that can occur in rabbits for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is inner ear infections. Saturday night he was unable to keep his balance and kept rolling around when he tried to go anywhere. It was a horrible sight to see. He was so scared and all we could do was try to make him comfortable. On Monday he had his vet appointment. They gave him a few shots and gave us an antibiotic, a steroid, and eye drops to give to him.

He’s doing better now. His head is still tilted, but he’s able to keep his balance now for the most part. I woke up this morning and found him in the bedroom and Yoda in the library. We had to rearrange their pen Saturday and it’s no longer fully connected so someone must have pushed it open today. Every once in a while one of the bunnies gets out of the pen some way and we find them hopping around the house. It’s no big deal if it’s Nobi, but Yoda loves to chew anything and everything. Clothes, wires, books…so finding him in the library is never a good thing. Fortunately he didn’t do too much damage (although Robert Jordan’s New Spring did get pretty nibbled).

Luna also went into heat this weekend. It’s mew, mew, mew all the time around here. We had called the local humane society back in the beginning of December to get her spayed at one of their low-cost clinics, but they were backlogged and still haven’t had an opening. She’s 7 months old now (as of Monday). I had never been around a cat in heat before. It’s…annoying. Especially when you’re trying to sleep. She also keeps trying to seduce Draco. Draco is not that interested, although he has humped her a few times (very disturbing). That’s also really odd if you think of them as their namesakes.

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