I have had a very productive January.

This is very unusual for me. Since I got sick in 2005, productivity has some in waves, usually spaced months apart and only lasting a week or two. A whole month of productivity is just unheard of lately.

This month I created a new layout for my cross-stitch site and made some changes there. I also turned cleverness.org into a site for WordPress resources and released both a base theme and a to-do list plugin. I spent the past few days making a number of improvements to the plugin and now it has more features. I love seeing my plugin on the official WordPress plugin site.

I’ve begun preliminary work on a new site about hidden object games, which I love to play. I’ve also read partway a book on plugin development and a kit I bought on maximizing web site revenue.

I’ve also read several books and played several hidden object games, along with doing some cross-stitching. I plan to spend today relaxing and doing more cross-stitching. My brain needs a break.

Nobi is also doing much much better. He’s almost completely improved actually.

Let’s hope February is as productive for me.

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