2009 was very unremarkable. I didn’t accomplish much of anything. Joe and I visited his family in Missouri in the summer. I reread the Wheel of Time series and the Harry Potter series, along with many other books. I found a stray cat by the road who passed away a week later and left me pretty devestated.

We got a new kitten in August: a grey female who we named Luna. She’s turning into a gorgeous long hair car.

I didn’t do a whole lot of cross-stitching this past year. I was in a lot of pain over the summer. I finally started getting back into it last month. I’ve watched a lot of TV this past year.

This year I want to:

  • eat healthier (lose weight)
  • exercise
  • keep the house clean
  • start writing a novel
  • spend more time working on my websites

I hope to enjoy life more and not live in a daze so much. I always feel like I’m floating outside this world, in my own bubble.

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