Two Months

It’s been almost two months since I last posted. Nothing too exciting has been happening. I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft, reading, and watching TV. I’m still getting over bronchitis. I started back on Prozac several weeks ago. I just finished the newest Wheel of Time book today, which was awesome even with a different author. I’m about to start reading 6 Robin Cook books I bought but never actually read (they were mostly from the Book Market).

Work is depressing. I don’t want to work with clients anymore, but there’s not really any internal work for me to do at the moment. We’re no longer getting yearly raises since the company is losing money. We didn’t get a holiday bonus last year and I really doubt we will this year.

I’ve been off my gluten-free diet for awhile. I don’t think I should be off of it, but it’s expensive and pasta is cheaper than salads. Plus, I wanted to eat bread products. Gluteny-bread. I don’t think gluten-free bread and dessert products are for me either. Carbs in general make me feel bad. If we can get our money under control, I’d like to go back on a low-carb diet. Winter is always tough in terms of money, with the propane and all that. We can’t get on one of those monthly payment plans and we have to pre-pay for any since we were late once paying. It costs about $320 for three months’ worth. Both these past two years we’ve run out before spring and had to suffer through several cold weeks before the weather warmed up. At least this year we were able to buy some before the end of October.

In good news, Luna is still adorable. She’s getting bigger, of course, but is still full of energy and plays all the time. She comes up to me wanting attention several times a day.