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(by the way, we named the kitten Luna).

I saw the rheumy Friday. He said I’ve tried most of the medications there are supposed to help fibro and that I need to try and push through the pain and fatigue and exercise. I really feel like some of the pain isn’t the fibro (although he said it is), like in my knee, hip, and foot. Well, I know the foot is plantar fascilitis pain still. But he said a year or so ago that I had arthritis in my knee and in the last visit said it was fibro pain…so I don’t know. Normally he’s the best doctor I see. I told him when I try to exercise (even just stretch) it’s hard to walk for a week or so. He just said I have to try and keep exercising. That’s all well and good, but is he going to be the one to carry me up the stairs at work when I can’t walk up them?

He prescribed me Zanaflex. He said to start at one pill at first, but I took that last night and it didn’t really do much so I’ll try two pills tonight.

I’m tired of not being able to do anything physical. Even walking around the grocery store is very hard. Painful and exhausting.

  • i take zanaflex.

    i have fibro too. since I was 16. it’s exhausting… and i go through phases on what I can & cannot handle.

    i’m taking zanaflex, cymbalta, celebrex, and neurontin.

    when you exercise, you do have to just fight your body’s pain and PUSH through it.
    with the medication I have been taking, I’ve been able to do SO much more in the past year than I ever thought possible. I had 5 flare ups in 2008. in 2009… just one. it’s been amazing. Now, I’m still stiff & sore every day, but not like before. I can understand what you mean about the store. sometimes it’s daunting just thinking about walking from my car to the store… and my god… going inside.. bending.. it’s awful.

    For exercise, I have been bicycling. started out with just a bit, then moved up to 15-20 miles a day (I use the trails in my town)! even when i don’t feel good, I still force myself to START. usually I can push through it. once I’m on the road, i feel better because I just love being outside & on my bike. I’ll put some icy-hot on my knees before I leave, too. that helps a lot, too.

    What was also interesting is that many people have mentioned to me that since I started biking, I’ve been much more up-beat. it helps with my depression.

    just keep on trying. i know it’s hard- but you’ve got to be the boss of your Fibro. don’t let it take over your life.

    and more importantly, don’t let it define who you are.

    • Thank you for the comments :) It’s good to know about someone who has fibro and does manage to exercise.

      • trust me, it’s HARD. but I have to force myself to do it. sometimes I’m in tears as I keep pushing myself.
        but i know that it’s good for me. and i know that it helps.

        if i can just push through the pain, I can start to feel a bit more normal.

        since i’ve been exercising & taking new meds, I’ve felt more HUMAN than I have known myself to be in years.

  • You can do it Cindy :)

  • Gah. I feel like doctors latch onto the fibro part of the diagnosis far too often.

    For me, the best fibro relief comes in massage and small doses of low-impact exercise (and relaxed, restorative sleep).

    I don’t get actual massages. I simply have Josh massage my shoulders and other fibro points. It hurts, but it also sends these electrical impulses through my body, and I feel a TON better afterward.

    For my feet, I use a golf ball, rolling it under each foot as I sit on the side of the couch. I press down hard in certain places. Again, this HURTS, but the results are amazing.

    With exercise, I recommend really brief periods of walking, swimming, or bicycling, followed by plenty of rest. I think doing exercise just for its own sake (as in, not as a part of a grocery trip or anything) is necessary. Consistency is also good, even if you only work out for five minutes per day the first week.

    Ooh, and water really helps me for some reason.

    *hugs* I know, in my own way, about this sort of frustration and pain. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. Love you!

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