New Kitten


She is TINY! Smaller than a hardcover book. And adorable and so active and playful.

She doesn’t have a name yet. I can’t decide on one, although the one I’m most considering is Luna.

Right now she’s laying on my chest as I’m laying on the couch using my laptop. This is something Draco also used to do as a kitten and still tries to as an adult, but it doesn’t work so well with him since I can’t see the screen over him.

The inital reaction of the other cats wasn’t very friendly. They weren’t pleased to have another cat. There was hissing and Draco especially didn’t seem to like having her around. He’s getting to like her though and was even laying next to her and letting her play with his tail. Spencer is hiding still. Akasha was the most interested in her at first but now has lost interest.

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