Two More Domains

It’s definitely an addiction. I’m now up to 14 domains that I currently own. I bought and

At least I have a head start on material for Back in 2005, for my final project I did a non-fiction children’s book and website for a children’s education program for a fictional aquarium. (See my final project presentation). Some of the illustrations are pretty good, such as the clownfish, but many will have to be improved. I was working on this project when I got very sick and ended up in the hospital, so I’m still surprised I even managed to finish it on time.

I’m excited about my three creature sites and am looking forward to working on them all.

  • I can’t wait to see them! I love your web designs and seeing all the creative things you come up with. :)

    btw, I finally got around to adding a web package to my Blackberry (was just email before) and I am so impressed that you have a mobile version of waves!

  • Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

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