Savella Review

I’ve now been on Savella for over two weeks. The first week was the dosage build up, I’ve been on the 50mg twice a day dosage for one week and 4 days. I had no side effects on the smaller dosages the first week. I was sleeping better, so I had less pain. Before I started taking it, I would wake up every hour or so and have to use the bathroom about 3-4 times a night. This was causing my pain to be much worse than usual. Once I started on the Savella, the pain became more bearable because I was sleeping better. I only wake up several times a night now for no reason. Unfortunately, the Savella doesn’t stop me from waking up from things like my husband getting into bed, or cats meowing in my face or banging on the closet doors. Something that I didn’t expect has also happened: I can get through the night without going to the bathroom on some nights. On the other nights, I only have to go once.

I am feeling more productive and less brain foggy. I am also feeling more social, although the Social Anxiety Disorder is still there and causes me to sign off of AIM a second after I sign on. But that’s still a big improvement. I hadn’t signed on to a chat program in years. I don’t think the brain fog improvement is entirely due to Savella since it started improving in January when I started taking CoQ10. Right now I take 200mg in the morning and 100mg in the evenings.

I almost forgot to mention that I did start having some side effects when I went on the full dosage. I started having bad headaches and dizziness when I was upright. I think those side effects are starting to go away though, fortunately.

  • I’m so glad that it’s helping :) and that you’re being more social. *hugs*

    I’ve developed crazy insomnia over the past year, and I take Seroquel to help me sleep. works great; otherwise I’m up all night tossing and turning. :

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