New Cell Phone!

Tonight Joe and I upgraded our cell phones. We bought got LG Xenons (black) and we also upgraded to finally add a data plan.

It’s awesome! We last tried a data plan about 5 years ago. Wow, what a difference. Back then it took almost several minutes to connect to a website. It so wasn’t worth it. I can now browse the web anywhere!

The phones are really nice so far. They have touch screens and a pull-out keyboard. They were $50 each for upgrades, so not too pricey. I ordered a hot pink case (shell) for mine. I was torn between that color and lime green.

  • I saw those on a commercial today! it looks so cool.

    I’ve been drooling over iPhones, but really don’t want to switch from T-Mobile — we’ve been with them since 2003 and really like them. I love my Blackberry, but RIM has crappy Mac support. the new Palm Pre looks pretty amazing, and maybe in a few years I’ll try it out.

    isn’t it amazing how far cell phones have come? I think my current phone is more powerful than my family’s very first computer was.

    • It is amazing how far. I still can’t get over how much more awesome this phone is that my old Krzr.

      We’re on AT&T so we could have chosen iphones (for a lot more…they were still $199 for upgrades for the cheaper one) but decided against it. Maybe in two years when we get our next upgrade (or maybe there will be something even cooler).

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