Life Update

I have been feeling not that great lately. Last week I couldn’t really sleep because of the pain in my side. I had mentioned it to my doctor in May and she said if it still bothered me, she could send me to a physical therapist. Yeah, that worked out so well for my hip (I ended up with pain in my knees instead). It went away for a little while but came back recently and had been spasming most of the night, sometimes without me even moving. It’s eased up a little bit the past two days.

I finally got Ambien CR approved last week and took that for a few days. Then I tried not taking it for a few days and ended up not able to sleep. Part of it may have been rebound insomnia, but most of it was pain. Then not sleeping kicked off my fibromyalgia pain and I could barely walk the past couple days. I took Ambien the past two nights so got some sleep, but I can’t be taking it every night. It makes me depressed. So OTC sleep aids don’t work, Ambien doesn’t keep me asleep, Lunesta makes my asthma worse, Ambien CR makes me depressed and Sonata doesn’t work. *sigh*.

There was a stray cat in our yard on Monday. It looked several months old. It was friendly and came over to us. Joe had to leave for work (this was at 7 am…he woke me up to tell me). I tried to pick it up twice but got all scratched up as a result. He wouldn’t come near me after the second time and I haven’t seen him since (it has been raining each morning since anyway). I feel bad that I couldn’t hold on to him and bring him inside (he was very much a boy). And I felt bad that I chased him away by trying to pick him up, when he came near me to be petted.

I’ve started on a gluten-free diet. Since starting Savella, I’ve been feeling noticeably sick after eating foods with wheat in them. It’s happened before the Savella, but only occasionally. Now it’s every time. I started last Friday and accidently (and a few times on purpose) ate wheat since then, although I’ve managed to avoid it yesterday and today.

  • *hugs*

    I’ve probably asked before, but have you ever tried some sort of antidepressant as a sleep aid? I take Trazodone, and it’s been really helpful.

    Crystal said on June 19, 2009 at 2:33 am
  • seconding Crystal — I take seroquel (which isn’t quite an antidepressant) and I have never slept so well.

    *big hugs*

  • @Crysal and Krissy: I’ve taken some tricyclic ones and most of the SSRIs and the Savella is a SNRI, but none of those seemed to help. Unfortunately. I’m also one of those people that Benadryl makes hyper instead of sleepy. Things that should make me sleepy don’t seem to.

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