Finally Finished

I finally finished the Snow Leopard cross-stitch I was working on for my mom. That thing is huge. I’ll be posting the final image at in a few minutes.

I’ve also been rereading books by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Their next book comes out May 12 and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s another Pendergast novel.

I’ve been having a lot of joint and muscle pain the past couple months along with sleeping problems. My right foot was especially bad and they did an xray which showed a heel spur so they diagnosed me with plantar fascilitis. My family doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien CR (I’ve tried it before, but my insurance didn’t cover it). My insurance will cover it now, but the doctor has to send in forms first that show I tried other drugs first.

I see my rheumatogist again in a week or so and I’ll see what he says about the pain.