Turbinate Reduction

My turbinates have now been reduced. I won’t know for several weeks or more if they need to be reduced further.

It wasn’t that bad. I ended up a little annoyed when I first got there. No one was at the check-in window so I signed the clipboard. They were still at lunch. When the girl came back, she looked at the clipboard, crossed something out, and then put it away. There was also another older man waiting. She asked if anyone was here for an appointment. He said yes and she said about how you have to sign in. She checked him in and then a few minutes later asked me if I was here for an appointment. I told her why I was here and she asked my name. Afterwards, she said to sign in next time. I was like, I signed the clipboard. Then she said “oh, someone must have erased it.” Um yeah. The invisible man came and erased the name that you had just crossed off the clipboard.

So the nurse took me back to the room and sprayed some of that decongestant into my nose that they sprayed my first appointment. Then the doctor came in and proceeded to insert two sponges into each nostril that had the anesthetic on it. That was pretty unpleasant. They were limp sponges, about 1/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. I had been imagining carrot stick like sponges stuck up my nose. They were okay once they were in.

After 10 minutes, he came back and took them out. While he used the laser, the nurse held a vacuum tube under my nose to suck out the smoke. The doctor told me other people had said it smelled like burnt chicken feathers. I’ve never smelled them myself, so I can’t say if it did or not. I ended up smelling that smell for most of the day. It took about 30 seconds for each side. It was slightly painful and I could feel the thing moving around in my nose. I did not like it.

Afterwards, he put some ointment up my nose and told me to put some on twice each day and to use a saline rinse 4-5 times a day, till I see him next week. It was slightly painful for several minutes afterwards. One side was bleeding for most of the afternoon. Not very much though. So far, my nose has only been slightly more congested then it was before. He said it may be more congested for up to a week afterwards. I was afraid it would be severe cold congested, but so far it’s okay. *knocks on wood*.

While it was not fun in the least, I’d choose that over any dental work any day of the week.

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