The Celexa hasn’t helped my energy level at all (but I’m still dealing with the sinus issues so I’m not feeling total normal).

I’ve noticed some other effects though. It hasn’t affected my happiness level or overall mood much.

But I do think about dying less often. I wasn’t suicidal or anything, but I did often think of my own death. Sometimes when I was feeling particularly bad I would almost wish for it.

I am less paranoid. Last fall I would panic most of the times we had windows open at night. I was sure someone was going to cut through the screens and attack us. I actually slept with the window open all night the other day without worrying about it.

I am also watching a lot of gory sci-fi/horror movies lately without being bothered at all. I don’t currently mind watching someone’s head get ripped off and eaten. I am also not bothered by suspenseful movies. For awhile I couldn’t really watch any. They made me too anxious. I’m enjoying this particular effect of the Celexa. The Sci-Fi channel had a whole bunch of mythical creature movies last month that I really enjoyed. I still refuse to watch any of the Saw movies though.

PS. Could you please click on the eggs at the bottom of my sidebar so my dragons will hatch? Thanks.

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