I escaped going under the knife this time (do they even use an actual knife in sinus surgery?).

He said it’s likely that I will not need surgery. He didn’t see the actual cat scans yet, just the report. I picked them up and am bringing to my next appointment in three weeks. He changed my nose spray (Flonase to Nasonex), put me on a different antibiotic (Augmentin), and gave me three days worth of steriods. I wouldn’t have minded more of them. I know they’re not good for you, but they’re the only thing that has cleared up my asthma completely since I developed it and they give me energy. They also give me insomnia, but who needs sleep when you can clean! I took Prednisone for a couple weeks when I had bronchitis and was a little sad when I was out and went back to normal.

He also says they don’t remove cysts as often as they used to. He said something about the walls near my nose were really inflammed, even after he used the decongestant to look up my nose and that could be what is causing most of my discomfort.

I’m not too hopeful about this current course of medicine clearing everything up, but we’ll see.