New Laptop

Last week I got a new laptop. I think it’s the most awesome thing ever. It’s a Dell XPS Studio 16 with the HD screen. I am totally in love with it. We did have to get the screen replaced because it was shipped with an eyelash (ew) under the covering over the lcd.

I had gotten a new computer last June. Joe had broken his computer and it was my turn to get a new computer so we got one from Dell, when they had the no interest for a year using their credit line. Joe got my old computer. The plan was to pay it off with our income tax return and get Joe a new one then (again using the no interest for a year). We did pay it off but decided it made more sense for Joe to get the current desktop and me to get a new laptop, since 75% of the time when I was using a computer, I would be using my PowerBook. I couldn’t really play WoW on it though. Or Everquest II, at all, since it was for Windows. I like to use my laptop while reclining on the couch, partly so I can also watch TV and partly because it’s a better position for me POTS-wise.

I decided not to get a Mac again. There’s the price issue (Joe had a great discount from his previous employer at the time I got my PowerBook). Plus I just think I like Windows better (yeah, I know). I also wasn’t that crazy about how the MacBook Pros look.

This has 64-bit Vista on it and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. It’s very fast and the screen is just amazing. I’m still getting used to the higher resolution. WoW runs great. I haven’t tried EQII since I’m not currently subscribed. It gets warm, but so far it hasn’t gotten so hot it felt like it was burning my legs (even with a lap desk and a cool pad) like the PowerBook did.