Website Changes

There will be some changes coming to this site. I’ve decided to move my journal site back over here. I haven’t decided if I’m going to have it completely friends-only, or only partially. I’m going to use Chyrp to run it, including adding (by hand since it’s all static HTML pages) all my old entries. I like Chyrp because it reminds me of how WordPress used to be, before it got so bloated with features. It’s perfect to run a journal site on. Categories aren’t even installed by default. But you can easily set posts to publish to only certain groups, something WordPress doesn’t even do without a plugin. I’m going to be using the layout my old journal ( has because I like it a lot. (by the way, if you try the demo on the Chyrp site, it is not their latest version, which is a release candidate).

I’m also going to move my photos and artwork over here and use Zenphoto for them. I’m unsure yet if I’ll add any WordPress plugins to intergrate it. I may, although I’m not sure how often I will use it. I’m not going to have nearly as many photos as I had on my previous photo site.

I want to reorganize my categories still and start posting some recipes. I also need to make a new layout. I want to try to be less reliant on plugins, because I’m tired of upgrading WordPress and having them break. I’d like to get back into working on my websites more often. I used to really enjoy doing so. It’s just become so hard to maintain so many different ones, when I have so little energy to spare. I want to try to simplify and consolidate.

  • I am so excited to see more from you — photos, writing, all of it. I completely understand what you mean about wanting to simplify things. I miss the old notepad.exe coding days sometimes. :)

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