Newer is Not Always Better

The other day, I read this article about WordPress and it’s interface history. The first screenshots made me very nostalgic. I started out using blogger, then greymatter, then b2, and finally WordPress. Back then, there were no tags, no multiple categories per post, no themes, no plugins. You had to use a my-hacks.php to have plugin functionality. It was very simple.

Plugins, while great, can sometimes have a downside. I’ve often put off upgrading my sites to the newest versions because the plugin authors stopped working on the plugins and so the plugins do not work in the new version. I used to enter books I’ve read by hand on a page, then I tried the Now Reading plugin. I had to edit it some to look like I wanted, then there were new versions of it and then new versions of WordPress and years have gone by since I last entered a book. I’ve been keeping track somewhat on paper but I know I’ve missed some books. If I had just kept with updating my simple list of titles with authors, organized by months, then I would have most likely kept it updated.

I’ll be going through my list of 25 activated plugins and decide which ones I can do without to hopefully get the list shorter. More simplifying.

  • thinking back on my old weblogs, I used a ton of hacks… I remember that my my-hacks file was pretty big. I haven’t installed very many plugins at all on my current blog simply because updating them is such a hassle. it’s a lot like WoW addons… I have a few that I refuse to play without, and a handful of ones that make life easier but aren’t necessary. I haven’t gotten around to looking for new versions of those yet.

  • @Krissy Ooh, yeah it is a lot like WoW addons. I would be absolutely lost without my warlock sphere, auctioneer, and cartographer. It was difficult in the few days before most addons were updated after that big patch came out in October.

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