Doctor Updates

On Monday I had a checkup with the rheumatologist. Told him about the hair loss and the fatigue. He checked my thyroid, sed rate, and liver enzymes. The liver enzymes were still high but the other two were normal.

He also put me on Celexa, to see if that gives me any energy. I think Celexa was the very first anti-depressant I was on, back in 2000. It didn’t do much for me. Right now it’s making me kind of sick to my stomach.

I saw the family doctor on Wednesday and told her about my sinus pain. I thought it was from the Micardis because sinus inflammation is one of the side effects, but she thought it was more likely a sinus infection. She put me on Avelox. I think it might be helping. I have a cat scan Monday of my sinuses to check them out since I’ve been getting pretty many sinus infections lately.

I’m pretty anxious about that. Or rather, the results. I had sinus surgery when I was 17 to remove cysts and widen my sinus passages. That was the worst out of all my surgeries. My nose was completely and totally stuffed up for a week afterwards. No air or anything else whatsoever was coming out of it. The ENT had to suck out all the …stuff… out of my nose, which was very very unpleasant. So I’m really hoping the results are normal.

  • Do you know if your thyroid test was just the TSH or if they also checked your free t4? The reason I ask is that after years of my TSH levels being normal and getting shrugged off, my doctor checked my free T4 and it was way low.

    Just a thought…

  • I’m not really sure about that. I’ll have to ask next time I’m there.

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