Delurking Day

Today is Delurking Day ’09. I don’t really think that there’s anyone who reads this that I don’t know about. But if you’re reading this and I don’t know you already, say hi! You can say hi too if I already know you.

I lurk a lot on other people’s weblogs and am not unlurking on any today (and yet I’m asking people to delurk…). On the sites where a lot of people comment already, I don’t comment because I feel like my comment will be lost in the midst of all the others. And on the sites where only one or two people comment, I feel like I would be intruding if I commented. And sometimes there’s such a community on the comments where the comments all know each other that I feel like I couldn’t break into that community. And I don’t comment because I like I’d comment and there would be no acknowledgement that I commented.

Which is something I’m very guilty of. Random people have commented here before. I always visit their sites, but didn’t always leave a comment, or reply to their comment on my site.

I’ve never been a big replier to comments, although I’m trying to be better. The new threaded comments feature in WordPress makes it easier. I used to have a threaded comments plugin years ago, but then I guess I upgraded WP and the plugin broke or something.

So hi, all three or four people who still read this blog.

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