A Brain Fog Antidote?

Since Friday night, I have been taking CoQ10 supplements. Since Friday night, I have done more on this website than I have in the past year (or so it seems). I worked on it most of the day today and both last night and Friday night. Normally, after a couple hours working on my lap top, my mind is too fuzzy to continue. But the past few days I’ve felt as if I could work for hours more.

It could just be coincidence of course. I’m hoping it’s not, as it’s been wonderful. One of the hardest aspects of being sick has been the mental effects.

The only downside is that when I took my blood pressure today (several times) it has been high. I did also take a small dose of d-ribose this morning. So what I’m going to do is not take any more of that and just take the CoQ10 for a few days. If my blood pressure is down again, I’ll try the d-ribose and see what happens. If my blood pressure is still high with just the CoQ10, I’ll stop that for a few days to see.

The funny thing is that both CoQ10 and d-ribose are supposed to lower blood pressure. I’m not too suprised that it would make it higher actually – so did the blood pressure medicine I took in October. My body is just screwed up like that. Kind of like my dad’s… when he exercises his heart rate and blood pressure go down (while he is exercising).

And if it is the CoQ10 causing it and while off it the brain fog is worse? Then I’ll still keep taking it. The effect on my blood pressure isn’t too bad. My blood pressure lately has been about 117/73 while on 80mg of Micardis. Today it was 138/83. Maybe after taking it awhile it will actually lower my blood pressure (yeah, I’m not too hopeful). I am hoping that this low-carb diet I’m starting soon will lower it though.